Sketchy pink gesture icons

two finger double tap 2two finger double tap 2
rotate clockwise 2rotate clockwise 2
rotate clockwiserotate clockwise
rotate counter clockwise 2rotate counter clockwise 2
double tapdouble tap
two finger double taptwo finger double tap
tap 2tap 2
drag updrag up

drag leftdrag left
drag downdrag down
swipe upswipe up
two finger triple taptwo finger triple tap
flick downflick down
vertical dragvertical drag
tap and hold 2tap and hold 2
flick rightflick right
two finger swipe down 2two finger swipe down 2
vertical drag 2vertical drag 2
horizontal swipe 2horizontal swipe 2
rotate counter clockwiserotate counter clockwise
drag up 2drag up 2
drag down 2drag down 2
horizontal draghorizontal drag
flick down 2flick down 2
two finger swipe righttwo finger swipe right
drag right 2drag right 2
triple tap 2triple tap 2
omnidirectional dragomnidirectional drag
omnidirectional flickomnidirectional flick
two finger omnidirectional swipetwo finger omnidirectional swipe
pinch 2pinch 2
spread 2spread 2
horizontal drag 2horizontal drag 2
drag left 2drag left 2
omnidirectional flick 2omnidirectional flick 2
omnidirectional drag 2omnidirectional drag 2
two finger horizontal swipe 2two finger horizontal swipe 2
two finger triple tap 2two finger triple tap 2
vertical flick 2vertical flick 2
horizontal flick 2horizontal flick 2
swipe leftswipe left
swipe rightswipe right
tap and holdtap and hold
swipe downswipe down
two finger taptwo finger tap
swipe up 2swipe up 2
swipe right 2swipe right 2
two finger swipe left 2two finger swipe left 2

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