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36 free themed icon sets, every icon set with all 4215 icons

Old paperOld paper icon set
IceIce icon set
Blue and scratchedBlue and scratched icon set

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Just added icons

itunes 2itunes 2
app storeapp store
plus 8plus 8
microphone 9microphone 9
equal sign 3equal sign 3
baby bottlebaby bottle
spotify 2spotify 2
cherry 2cherry 2
divide signdivide sign
confetti 2confetti 2
joystick 6joystick 6
party hat 2party hat 2
semaphore 3semaphore 3
ssl badge 5ssl badge 5
calculator 9calculator 9
telegram 2telegram 2
star 25star 25

Most downloaded icons

integrated webcamintegrated webcam
activity feedactivity feed
facebook 3facebook 3
football 2football 2
twitter 3twitter 3

Most appreciated icons

arrow uparrow up
hot chocolatehot chocolate
pin 6pin 6
arrow right 3arrow right 3
chart 2chart 2
hot tubehot tube
coffee 2coffee 2
pin 9pin 9
scissors 6scissors 6
cart 59cart 59
bicycle 2bicycle 2
define locationdefine location