Black gesture icons

black two finger double tap 2 icontwo finger double tap 2 icon
black tap icontap
black rotate clockwise 2 iconblack rotate clockwise 2
black double tap icondouble tap
black rotate clockwise iconblack rotate clockwise
black rotate counter clockwise 2 iconrotate counter clockwise 2 icon
black tap 2 icontap 2
black two finger double tap icontwo finger double tap
black vertical drag 2 iconvertical drag 2

black drag down icondrag down
black two finger swipe down 2 icontwo finger swipe down 2
black drag down 2 icondrag down 2
black tap and hold 2 icontap and hold 2
black vertical drag iconvertical drag
black drag up icondrag up
black horizontal swipe 2 iconhorizontal swipe 2 icon
black horizontal drag iconhorizontal drag icon
black drag left icondrag left
black flick down 2 iconflick down 2
black drag up 2 icondrag up 2
black flick down iconflick down
black drag right 2 iconblack drag right 2
black two finger omnidirectional swipe icontwo finger omnidirectional swipe
black two finger triple tap 2 icontwo finger triple tap 2
black drag left 2 icondrag left 2
black pinch 2 iconpinch 2
black omnidirectional drag iconomnidirectional drag
black spread 2 iconspread 2
black two finger horizontal swipe 2 icontwo finger horizontal swipe 2 icon
black flick right iconflick right
black triple tap 2 icontriple tap 2
black omnidirectional flick iconblack omnidirectional flick
black two finger swipe right icontwo finger swipe right
black two finger triple tap icontwo finger triple tap
black omnidirectional drag 2 iconomnidirectional drag 2
black horizontal drag 2 iconhorizontal drag 2
black omnidirectional flick 2 iconomnidirectional flick 2
black vertical flick 2 iconblack vertical flick 2 icon
black horizontal flick 2 iconblack horizontal flick 2
black swipe up iconswipe up
black rotate counter clockwise iconrotate counter clockwise
black swipe left iconblack swipe left
black pinch iconpinch
black swipe right iconswipe right
black swipe down iconswipe down
black spread iconspread
black swipe up 2 iconswipe up 2
black swipe right 2 iconswipe right 2
black tap and hold icontap and hold
black two finger tap icontwo finger tap
black two finger swipe left 2 icontwo finger swipe left 2 icon

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