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36 free themed icon sets, every icon set with all 4215 icons

Gray sandstoneGray sandstone icon set
Green fabricGreen fabric icon set
Web 2 ruby redWeb 2 ruby red icon set

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Just added icons

baby bottle 2baby bottle 2
star 20star 20
strawberry 2strawberry 2
shopping cart 2shopping cart 2
road 3road 3
lastfm 3lastfm 3
ssl badge 3ssl badge 3
tiktok 3tiktok 3
sheep 3sheep 3
sea horsesea horse
bottle 14bottle 14
bottle 8bottle 8
bottle 9bottle 9
road 2road 2
toilet paper 2toilet paper 2
balloon 4balloon 4

Most downloaded icons

integrated webcamintegrated webcam
activity feedactivity feed
facebook 3facebook 3
football 2football 2
twitter 3twitter 3

Most appreciated icons

hot chocolatehot chocolate
arrow right 3arrow right 3
pin 6pin 6
chart 2chart 2
pinterest 2pinterest 2
define locationdefine location
coffee 2coffee 2
search 8search 8
doctor suitecasedoctor suitecase
arrow 17arrow 17
cart 59cart 59
bicycle 2bicycle 2